Review article: Disposable Handpiece at Dentist Practice Office

Muhammad Taufiq Sidqi, Tritania Ambarwati, Agung Widyagdo, Muhammad Fiqih Sabilillah


Frustrating when handpiece breaks down and the dentist in need of a reliable substitute. When high-speed handpieces fails, what are the alternatives, Stop and replace a turbine, Grab another sterilized high-speed or Call a dealer representative to deliver a replacement handpiece. These are all viable options, but they can be time consuming and costly. With this in mind, it is recommended that dentist have more than one reliable back-up.

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James Jess,DDS,

Miko, Hadiyat, et al., "Series of selenoid valve pneumatic AC 220 volts with disposable contra angle as a replacement for micromotor in preclinic laboratory (experimental study on the health ministry of health polytechnic course D-III department of dental nursing Tasikmalaya)." Journal of Dentomaxillofacial Science 1.1a (2016): 220-221s.


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