Hubungan Kerusakan Bulu Sikat dengan Tingkat Kebersihan Gigi Kelas V SDN V Ciawi Kabupaten Tasikmalaya

Cahyo Nugroho


The toothbrush will lose its ability to clean the teeth properly, due to broken bristles. One of the benefits of replacing a toothbrush is to prevent the risk of infection caused by the attachment of bacteria to the bristles. Cleanliness should also be taken into account to prevent bacterial attachment. Oral and oral hygiene is an important factor in a person's immune system. This study aims to determine the relationship of bristle bristles damage with the level of dental hygiene grade V SDN V Ciawi Kabupaten Tasikmalaya.

This type of research is an analytical survey with cross sectional design. Research respondents amounted to 30 students of class V with sampling technique that is purposive sampling. Data collection techniques conducted in this study is to use an observation sheet to determine the damage of bristles and performing dental hygiene examination of respondents then written on the examination sheet. Data analysis in this study used Spearman's correlation test with hypothesis testing based on significant level α <0,05 with 95% confidence level.

Based on the results of this study indicate there is correlation brush damage to the level of dental hygiene, this is indicated by correlation value = -0.533, p = 0.002. It can be concluded that the hypothesis that there is a relationship between bristle bristle damage to the level of teeth cleanliness in grade V students SDN V Ciawi Tasikmalaya District can be accepted because basically brush damage makes brushes become inflexible and effective in cleaning the curve and areas that are difficult to reach.

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